Sea Catch RAM models:

The Sea Catch RAM model is a standard Sea Catch unit fitted with a hydraulic cylinder mounted below the device. Above the cylinder is a plunger which penetrates through a hole in the body below the toggle pin. When activated, the cylinder pushes the plunger and the toggle pin upward causing the Sea Catch to release. The usual manual release capability is maintained.
The Sea Catch RAM models can be operated remotely via a single 1/4" hydraulic hose. An EnerpacĀ® Electric Pump Model PUD 1101B preset to 5,000 psi, an air-hydraulic foot pump that generates 10,000 psi hydraulic pressure from 90 psi shop air, or an Enerpac P-142 hydraulic hand pump reset to 5,000 psi are all recommended power sources.
The maximum hydraulic pressure for all hydraulic cylinders is 5,000 psi.
Hydraulic pressure must be released in the line prior to re-arming (closing the release lever) the Sea Catch RAM units.
Enerpac hydraulic cylinders used on RAM units are not resistant to corrosive sea water conditions nor are they designed for submersion.
Other Sea Catch RAM models are now available. Call for more details.

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Sea Catch TR03RAM

Sea Catch TR05RAM

Sea Catch TR07RAM

Sea Catch TR08RAM

Sea Catch TR10RAM

Sea Catch TR11RAM

Sea Catch TR12RAM

Sea Catch TR15RAM

Sea Catch TR16RAM

Sea Catch TR17RAM

Sea Catch TR18RAM