sea catch durability

About Sea Catch

What makes the Sea Catch so revolutionary?  A well-thought-out design that anticipates reality: Heavy sea conditions, corrosive marine environment, quick release kick-back, inadvertent release, and the occasional shock and lock-up of unanticipated overload.

Using computer-generated parts (precision-cut from aerospace-grade stainless steel plate) Sea Catch is a tough and multi-purpose quick release that combines unique features such as no springs, common shackle connection, multi-directional release capabilities, low friction releasing and a hitch-pin safety lock.

Every day, all over the globe, engineers, technicians and crew members find themselves faced with the daunting and often unpredictable task of releasing a heavy object while under load. There are those that insist on using pelican hooks and pin-shackles -- devices not meant to be released under load -- whose effort to release rises sharply with increased load. As if the job wasn't hazardous enough!

Many, though, have overcome the usual risks associated with this operation. They are using the simplest and most innovative design in quick release history -- a device designed exclusively for safe release under load -- the Sea Catch Toggle Release. The key is the combination of a proven toggle linkage principle, low friction, computer-generated parts and a lot of thinking about its jobs.

A sea plow is launched safely in the Atlantic.
A flowline bundle is installed safely on the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico.
A telescope is "crashed" safely in the Batman/Robin movie.
Oceanographic equipment is lowered safely for NOAA.
Tug/barge operations are now safer for Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co.
Submarine acoustic testing operations are made safer for the US Navy.

Quick releases have to be specific.
Movie special effects, purse seine operations, rescue launch deployment, and equipment weighing 20 tons -- each pose a very different challenge. Sea Catch meets these challenges with models ranging from .65-ton capacity to the TR18 with a 77.11-ton capacity. Since 1994 Sea Catches have played significant roles in safer releasing operations in many industries around the world. Some units have exceeded 5,000 cycles and are still in service. All feedback has been positive -- nothing but praise from engineers and users worldwide.

The Sea Catch is now widely known and trusted by users in the field throughout the world. It has been featured in several journals including Sea Technology, Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, Ocean News & Technology, Workboat, International Tug & Salvage, Wire Rope News, Underwater, Offshore, Petromin, Professional Mariner, National Fisherman, Cinefex Magazine, Filmcrew, Hydro, and in the McMaster-Carr Supply Company catalog.

Releasing an object under load need not be a daunting task any longer. Release yourself of unnecessary hazards.

Release with Sea Catch!