Sea Catch Products Disclaimer

The specifications information and performance of the products manufactured by McMillan Design (MD) and featured in this publication may be changed without notice. While MD does everything within its control to ensure all its products have an appealing appearance free of defects and surface deformations, some cosmetic irregularities may be present but do not impair the integrity, function or performance of the product. Since the use of this information and the conditions by which the products are used are beyond the control of MD, it is the obligation of the owner and/or the equipment operator to carefully read and understand the Sea Catch User's Manual and determine the correct and safe selection and settings and conditions of use of the equipment and products. While components manufactured by others such as hydraulic or air cylinders, squibs or cartridges that are fitted to MD products are selected for optimum function, durability and appearance, MD is not responsible for loss or damage caused by their malfunction or part failure, while operating the device in or out of water. MD is not responsible for damages to persons or property caused by loads such as dynamic loads, hydrodynamic loads and/or inertial loads that cause the overall load to exceed the safe working load (SWL) of that product, damages to persons or property caused by failure of a product that has been welded, or otherwise altered by the product's owner. To the extent that the law permits, any liability which may be incurred as a result of the use or future use of a product manufactured or sold by MD is limited to the cost of repairing or replacing the failed product or component at the discretion of MD, either within, or outside of warranty periods, and does not extend to any loss or damage which may be caused as a consequence of misuse, alterations to the unit to make it fit user's application or failure of the equipment or products. MD, its owner(s), its shareholder(s), or its agents shall not in any event be liable for economic loss of profits, indirect, special, bodily injuries or consequential damages. By virtue of taking possession of any product manufactured by MD, the owner and/or the equipment operator agrees to the terms of this Disclaimer.