John at his booth displaying products at Fish Expo, Seattle in November 1999.

The principal in the company is John McMillan.

McMillan Design, Inc. is a small, privately owned, multi-disciplinary design company located in Gig Harbor, Washington. It concentrates its current efforts in manufacturing, improving and marketing the Sea Catch Toggle Release and other innovative products. Sea Catch products are now available in over 120 different models.

Quality customer service is assured since McMillan Design is a small company where inquiries and order expediting are handled with care. John is an avid inventor, industrial designer, and entrepreneur who has been committed to the design and development of the Sea Catch Toggle Release since 1986. Associates are available to assist with engineering services for unique product applications or product modifications. Sea Catch is computer generated and can be easily modified to suit most user's needs.

Experienced in problem solving and design since the 1970's, John is an honors graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle. His background includes experience in the oilfield and commercial fishing industries where working against the elements of the sea and the obstacles and hazards of releasing lines under load is common. With the use of his computer and a tenacious spirit, he has broken the long-lasting hold by conventional pelican hooks on the release hook industry by developing a safer device which uses toggle linkage instead of leverage action to both lock and release an object under load.

The first Sea Catch products were put into commercial use by Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in 1994. As the optimum design solution to the hazards of releasing an object or line under load and with hundreds of units in service and a long list of high-profile users, the Sea Catch has received nothing but praise from satisfied engineers and users world wide.

McMillan Design, Inc. also assists inventors and product developers with its design and product development services.

A sample of John's innovation is his Fly Aweigh Letter Scale which was featured on the cover of the quarterly magazine of the International Society of Antique Scale Collectors in 2007.

John's civic activities include illustrating, designing and consulting for a number of several local efforts including Crescent Valley Alliance, a watershed stewardship group and Gig Harbor BoatShop, Gig Harbor's prominent historic maritime preservation effort.  John also contributes a portion of revenues to the wildlife and habit conservation efforts of John & Terese Hart in DR Congo and to African Parks, who is working tirelessly to protect Africa's last wild landscapes.

John is also a published author with his contribution to a travel guide entitled, Fielding's African Safaris, by Jane and Leah Taylor published in 1987 by William Morrow & Company.  The Ultimate Fishing Safari, written and illustrated by John is available as a 2,000KB PDF download.

He started a book project about the lives of his missionary parents, Hector & Ione McMillan, who fell in love by mail, married in Juba, Sudan and raised a family deep in the Congo's rain forest. More information can be found at a website called Lovingly, Ione.