Off Load Hooks

FIG.1 shows the Sea Catch Offload Hook OLH25 with a pivoting hook sized to receive up to 3 inch (7.62 cm) diameter load line or strap. Aligned holes are provided as shown to lock both hook parts with a hitch pin in order to prevent premature opening of hook. Counterweight hole is sized to receive up to size 1-1/2" shackle or any heavy object whose weight exceeds that of the load line or strap without a load. For example, four size 7/8" shackles can be attached to a size 1-1/2" shackle for a combined counter-wieght of 36.8 lbs (16.69 kgs). The OLH25 is secured to a size 7/8" lifting shackle as shown and the load is deployed. Once the load is safely suspended, the hitch pin is removed and the load is slowly lowered. Once its weight is transferred from the hook to the seabed or other supportive surface, the counter-weighted hook rotates on the pivot pin as shown in FIG. 2, thereby releasing the load line. The hook is then lifted and recovered. Stainless steel hitch pin is provided. Shackles are not provided.

Counter Weight Shackle Size and Weight:
2-1/2"---98.25 lbs (44.56 kgs)
2"--------52.25 lbs (32.7 kgs)
1-3/4"---33.91 lbs (15.38 kgs)
1-1/2"---20.8 lbs (9.43 kgs)
1-3/8"---15.83 lbs (7.18 kgs)
1"--------6.12 lbs (2.77 kgs)
7/8"-----4 lbs (1.81 kgs)
3/4"-----2.72 lbs (1.23 kgs)

Recommended Test:
With the full weight of the load line on the hook, the weight of the counterweight should be sufficient to fully rotate the hook and release the load line.
This device must not be used in high seas when the hook may be subjected to extreme dynamic load fluctuations or encounter a zero-load condition. Excessive current, side loading, and irregular bottom conditions may adversely affect the intended function of the device. Causing the hook to prematurely encounter a zero load condition may cause the hook to inadvertently release the load and cause harm to persons and/or property.

Offload Hook Specifications:

OLH15 Heat-treated SS Plate 7.2 lbs 33,069 lbs (16.53 sTons) 6,614 lbs (3.3 sTons)
OLH25 Heat-treated SS Plate 14 lbs 50,000 lbs (25 sTons) 10,080 lbs (5.04 sTons>
OLH165 Heat-treated SS Plate 85 lbs 330,693 lbs (165.3 sTons) 66,139 lbs (33.06 sTons)