Load Retrieval

Retrieving Hook Specifications:

RH17 Heat-treated SS Plate 2 lb 14 oz 35,280 lbs (17.64 tons) 7,056 lbs (3.52 tons)
RH25 Heat-treated SS Plate 8 lb 12 oz 50,400 lbs (25.2 tons) 10,080 lbs (5.04 tons)

The Sea Catch Retrieving Hook is connected to the lifting line by a shackle. The pole spike on the hook is inserted into one end of an aluminum pole and the user holds the hook in place by a tag line secured to the shackle. When the hook is safely connected with the object to be retrieved, the pole is quickly withdrawn so as not to interfere with the lifting procedure.
Aluminum poles in various lengths are available at Seattle Marine Supply (800) 426-2783 or Northwest Wire Rope (800) 776-4544 in Tacoma.