User Quotes Sea Catch Home

"Thanks for the prompt shipping of your TR3 I ordered last week, it's greatly appreciated. Perfect, safe, clean releases of our test vehicle. My fingers thank you also!" Tim Pace - BioRec, Arizona
"Device works good." Mark Keonig - Battelle
"Worked great." James Carnell - C&M Technology
"Works great." Ryal Cosgrove - Cineffects Productions, Inc.
"Works great. We'll pass the word." Moe Johnson - F/V Cloud Nine
"Works great for repeated sea plow launching." George Seeley - Deep Sea Development Serv.
"Works great - season after season." Greg Lovrovich - F/V Sea Fury
"Worked good in Gulf of Mexico." Mark Calverley - GEOS
"I like the product a lot." Keith Clark - Gripco, Inc.
"Works great. Quote me." Don Liberatore - Harbor Branch Ocean. Institute
"Works great." Elio Paschini - IRPEM - Italy
"Job went well. Performed as intended." Carl Routh - Kvaerner R J Brown
"I like the product." Ben LeMaster - MBARI
"The technicians like them a lot." Mike Murphy - Oceaneering International, Inc.
"I like it. May order more." Dave McKeown - Physical Effects, Inc.
"It's working fine for instrument deployment." Rich Campagna - SAIC
"Sea Catch TR15s working very well on sub acoustic testing ops." Dave Tietje - SAIC
"Works great. Over 2,500 cycles and counting." John Schwind - Schwind Company
"I like it." David Allen - Seaward Marine, U. of Alaska
"The TR5 has been indispensable for us." Jorge Capella - RUM / U. of Puerto Rico
"I like them." Eric Tappa - U. of South Carolina
"It works great. May order more soon." Rick Cole - U. of South Florida
"Works great." Chief Weir - USCG Cutter Papaw
"Worked great for Batman/Robin." Tom Quinn - Warner Brothers Studios
"Sea Catch did great. Couldn't have done the test without it." Darrell McKinley - McSwain Engineering
"I like it a lot." Steve Liberatore - Woods Hole Ocean. Institute
"Sea Catches worked perfect." Leslie Davis - BP Exploration
"Your Sea Catch is working just fine. I have had a lot of interest from other groups. So far everyone wants to borrow it, but most are reluctant to return it. I am still waiting for spare cash to buy a bigger one." Danny McLaughlan - CSIRO Marine Research, Tasmania
"...our affiliate in El Savador purchased a Sea Catch Toggle Release and are pleased with its performance." James T. Marcello - EXXON Research and Engineering Company
"The TR7 worked flawlessly...the vessel owners were quite impressed. Their usual method of dropping anchors consists of a rope and knife on a stick. Thanks again." Dave Orders - Orders Associates
"... such a well engineered product, particularly the size/weight to load carrying capacity ratio." Ross Blodgett - R.O.V. Technologies
"... the Sea Catch TR7 we purchased worked incredibly well for us during Sono-Bouy deployments near Samoa. One of which was done from a helo." MST2 Freihammer - USCGC Polar Star
"I have used your product before in applications for the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC), Pt Hueneme, CA. You make a great product. Thanks." Carl Van Wezel - Ricarl Design
"Extremely easy to set up with the air system. Thanks for your help." Mark Willingham - Fall Arrest Systems

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