LR34 No Rating US$319.57
RH17 7,056 lb (3.52 ton) US$647.44
RH25 10,080 lb (5.04 ton) US$829.50
OLH15 6,614 lb (3 ton) US$1,686.96
OLH25 10,080 lb (5.04 ton) US$2,394.15
OLH37 15,000 lb (7.5 ton) US$3,507.00
OLH50 20,000 lb (10 ton) US$4,777.50
OLH75 30,000 lb (15 ton) US$5,880.00
OLH165 66,139 lb (30 ton) US$6,300.00
TR1 Keyring No Rating US$45.00
TR3 1,302 lb (.65 ton) US$399.37
TR3AIR/RAM 1,302 lb (.65 ton) US$554.21
TR3RL 1,302 lb (.65 ton) US$500.22
TR5 3,323 lb (1.66 ton) US$521.53
TR5AIR/RAM 3,323 lb (1.66 ton) US$682.88
TR5SQ* 3,323 lb (1.66 ton) US$521.53
TR5SQT** 3,323 lb (1.66 ton) US$671.68
TR5LM 3,323 lb (1.66 ton) US$1,136.05
TR5RL 3,323 lb (1.66 ton) US$677.32
TR7 7,042 lb (3.52 ton) US$686.06
TR7AIR/RAM 7,042 lb (3.52 ton) US$964.63
TR7S (seine skiff release) 7,042 lb (3.52 ton) US$752.62
TR7SQ* 7,042 lb (3.52 ton) US$760.12
TR7SQT** 7,042 lb (3.52 ton) US$836.21
TR7LM 7,042 lb (3.52 ton) US$1,692.08
TR7RL 7,042 lb (3.52 ton) US$724.24
TR8 9,574 lb (4.74 ton) US$1,324.31
TR8AIR/RAM 9,574 lb (4.74 ton) US$1,602.88
TR8LM 9,574 lb (4.74 ton) US$2,612.81
TR8RL 9,574 lb (4.74 ton) Req Quote
TR10 15,844 lb (7.92 ton) US$1,940.17
TR10AIR/RAM 15,844 lb (7.92 ton) US$2,255.17
TR10LM 15,844 lb (7.92 ton) US$4,357.52
TR10RL 15,844 lb (7.92 ton) US$2,131.30
TR11 28,168 lb (14 ton) US$3,231.64
TR11AIR/RAM 28,168 lb (14 ton) US$3,750.89
TR11LM 28,168 lb (14 ton) Req Quote
TR11RL 28,168 lb (14 ton) US$3,551.50
TR12 32,860 lb (16.43 ton) US$5,292.26
TR12AIR/RAM 32,860 lb (16.43 ton) US$5,811.51
TR12LM 32,860 lb (16.43 ton) US$9,467.53
TR12RL 32,860 lb (16.43 ton) Req Quote
TR12LMRL 32,860 lb (16.43 ton) Req Quote
TR15 50,201 lb (25.1 ton) US$8,058.98
TR15AIR/RAM 50,201 lb (25.1 ton) US$8,986.72
TR15LM 50,201 lb (25.1 ton) US$17,492.10
TR15DM 50,201 lb (25.1 ton) Req Quote
TR15RL 50,201 lb (25.1 ton) Req Quote
TR16 63,378 lb (31.69 ton) US$9,543.11
TR16AIR/RAM 63,378 lb (31.69 ton) US$10,803.11
TR16LM 63,378 lb (31.69 ton) Req Quote
TR17 94,744 lb (47.37 ton) Req Quote
TR17AIR/RAM 94,744 lb (47.37 ton) Req Quote
TR17LM 94,744 lb (47.37 ton) Req Quote
TR17LMRL 94,744 lb (47.37 ton) Req Quote
TR18 154,236 lb (77.12 ton) US$31,339.27
TR18AIR/RAM 154,236 lb (77.12 ton) US$33,976.81
TR18LM 154,236 lb (77.12 ton) Req Quote
Larger Units To 600 tons or more Req Quote

* TR5SQ and TR7SQ are squib-fired. Squibs are not provided.
**TR5SQT and TR7SQT are thruster-fired with deregulated CAD thrusters. Thrusters not provided. Call CAD for current thruster prices.

Proofload/ABS Certification: Available on request.

To Order: Call or fax purchase order number, item requested, billing and shipping address, and shipping instructions. Dealer prices and quantity prices available on request.

Delivery: Within 3 days if item is in stock. If not, delivery may be up 12 weeks from date of order (subject to material availability).

Terms: Net 10 days on invoice on approved domestic sales unless otherwise agreed upon. Major credit cards are also accepted on orders with a total of US$5,000 or less. Canadian customers must draw payments on US banks or pay a US$15 processing fee. On all overseas orders prepayment is required via wire transfer, foreign draft or credit card. Receiver is responsible for outgoing bank charges and incoming duty and taxes.

Shipping: FedEx and UPS are our recommended shipping methods. Customer pick-up in person is by appointment only. Customer pick-up via a freight forwarder is not recommended, especially palletized items, and is by appointment only (we do not have a loading dock or access for large delivery trucks). There may be a $50 packaging fee on orders for large items that require palletizing and special handling.

Returns/Restocking: Items that are used under load, or in any way, rendered unfit for resale will not be accepted as returns for credit. Time limit on any returns is 1 year from date of purchase. A restocking fee of US$25 per unit will be assessed for items returned.

Unit Refurbishment/Repair: A minimum refurbishment fee will be assessed for units returned for refurbishment. Fees are as follows: For TR3 up to TR10 = US$75 per unit, TR11 and TR12 = US$100 per unit, and TR15 and larger = US$150 per unit. Restoring the overcenter "snap" and unit cleaning is covered under this minimum fee. The cost of additional parts needing replacement will be added to this fee.

For items coming back into the US from outside the US - sender must prepare a commercial invoice with a description including, "...returned for repair having no commercial value and subject to code HTS 9801.00.1012. Value for customs = only US$200". Sender must sign the invoice.