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Device locking: Having secured the recommended shackle to the rear end of the Sea Catch, open the jaw by removing the hitch pin and prying up the release lever and opening it to the released position. Insert the pin of the shackle to be released into the jaw opening. Secure the shackle by closing the release lever to the locked position and firmly lock the toggle pin over center with a vice-grip-like snap.

The shackle is now held firmly locked even with no load on the device. The hitch pin can be reinserted to prevent inadvertent release. The Sea Catch is now ready to be loaded. Once the hitch pin is removed, the Sea Catch is armed and ready to be released.

Device releasing: Release of the loaded Sea Catch is activated by first removing the hitch pin and then pulling firmly on a release line connected to the end of the release lever. The release line can be activated in any direction within the 90 degrees perpendicular and parallel to the line of load. Alternative release methods are discussed on another page. The use of the hitch pin is not required to secure the device in the locked position. It is an added safety measure preventing inadvertent release. A hitch pin is provided with each unit.

The required effort to pull the lanyard of the TR7 to release a capacity load of 7,042 pounds is around 40 pounds. The release effort of all Sea Catch models is provided on another page.

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