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Samples of wire spheres and lamps are shown below.

Wire Dome Lamp Wire Dome Lamp Details

The above fabric-covered wire dome lamp is suspended on pulleys and raised and lowered by counterweight. Dome is 28" in diameter.

Wire Sphere Lamp with stretch fabric Wire Sphere Wire Sphere Light at night - fitted with 100 bulb-50-ft string of outdoor lights Brass Sheet Wire Sphere Light Brass Sheet Wire Sphere Light at Night

The last two are actually one lamp depicted during the daytime and then at night. This has brass shimstock sheets mounted between the wire "frames". The above wire lamp and spheres are each 28" in diameter.

Garden Dome Garden Dome Supporting Grass

These are garden domes made from a square sheet of 6"x 6" concrete mesh pulled through a 28" hoop. The garden domes are quite useful in supporting garden plants that tend to topple over when fully grown.