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Rates as of April 4, 2015, valid for 60 days, subject to change.

1/2 Hour Initial ConsultationNo Charge
Graphic Design, Logos, Illustration, Shop Drawings
Graphic Design$85.00/hr
Logo Design$85.00/hr
Prepare several conceptual logo designs$150.00
Complete camera-ready logo design (additional)$100.00
Architectural Renderings, Illustration, Drawings$85.00/hr
Patent Preparation Assistance, Product Development
Patent Search$85.00/hr + per-sheet fees
Patent Illustration$150-200/sheet
Patent Application Assistance$50.00-$85.00/hr
Product Design / Shop Drawings$85.00/hr
Working Prototype Development$85.00/hr + Materials
Production Process or Business Startup Consulting$85.00/hr
Web Design
Basic Website Preparation$85.00/hr
Office Charges
Long Distance Telephone CallsPer-call charges
Copies and Incoming Faxes$0.05/sheet
Outgoing Faxes$0.25 to $1.50/sheet

Quotation: A detailed quotation can be provided prior to the performance of any service.
Terms: To be agreed upon prior to the performance of any service. Net 10 days on invoice. Major credit cards also accepted.