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To avoid surprises down the road or stepping on other's toes, an infringement search is advisable. If protection is important and the idea looks patentable, filing for a provisional patent might be the next step. Should a formal patent application be filed, it must occur within one year of the provisional filing date in order to preserve the filing date of the provisional application.

McMillan Design can assist with:

1. an infringement search,
2. a provisional or formal patent application,
3. formal patent drawings,
4. the complete specifications for patent filing,
5. the claims, and
6. assistance in filling out the filing documentation.

You may then send the completed application to the Patent and Trademark Office in Washington DC. Another highly recommended option is to have a patent attorney review the final application, "tweak" the claims, make any necessary changes and file the application on the inventor's behalf.

Trademark protection is also an option if the mark is key to identifying your product.