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Product design and development, as well as technical illustration, logos and other design services are offered by John McMillan. John is a successful inventor, industrial designer, product developer, and low volume production manufacturer.

Samples of his well-thought-out, award-winning design work can be viewed via the links at left.

Please contact McMillan Design for an estimate of the services you would like assistance with.

Design services, patent preparation assistance and product development assistance by McMillan Design, Inc. are provided and herein published with the sole intent of providing assistance to the client and not to serve in any way as legal advice to the client. Due to the uncertainties of the success of any given invention, McMillan Design, Inc. does not guarantee the results of any advice, suggestion or recommendations given to the client and cannot be held responsible for the effects of any decisions made by the client. Changes in policies, procedure methods and rates may occur after publishing date below due to service improvements and fluctuation in service rates. McMillan Design, Inc. reserves the right to make design changes and improvements without prior notice.
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