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Fly Aweigh is a delightful bird mobile and handy, precision postal scale all in one!

To make wings flap, gently pull and release suspended weight or hang Fly Aweigh where there is a light breeze.

Fly Aweigh is made from recycled brushed stainless steel. Fly Aweigh Pelican (shown at left) is 7" in length and has a 12-1/2" wingspan.


No assembly is required.

Suspend the label bar above the bird as shown with the wing hangers connected to the wing tabs in each wing. Clip the 2 oz. weight (included) to the alligator clip that is suspended below the bird.

Release the wings and watch it Fly Aweigh!

Fly Aweigh Assembly Drawing
Weighing 2 oz Letter Drawing To use Fly Aweigh as a letter scale, unclip the 2 oz. weight and replace it with a 1 to 3 oz. letter to be weighed as shown. Its weight is registered on the scale tab where it intersects the body.

Why pay for extra postage? Knowing what the letter actually weighs will save you money!

Wing tabs shown in illustration above are actually formed with 3 holes so as to allow fine tuning to balance the device. Simply move any wing hanger to the inboard or outboard hole to zero out the balance of the device.

Other Fly Aweigh Models

Only the Pelican (in white) and the Great Blue Heron (in stainless steel gray) are currently in stock.

Retail Price: Only $44.50 each + S&H per each Fly Aweigh.
(Dealers: Call for dealer price and minimum order.)

To Order: Send check or money order with shipping instructions and shipping address. Major credit cards also accepted.

Delivery: Unless item is in stock, delivery may be 4 to 6 weeks from date of order.

Fly Aweigh News Item!: Fly Aweigh has made the cover of Equilibrium, the quarterly magazine of the International Society of Antique Scale Collectors. See magazine cover, inside cover, and article.

Feel free to call, fax or email if you have any questions, or need more technical information. I would like to hear about your interest in Fly Aweigh. Since McMillan Design is ultimately the world's only source for the Fly Aweigh Letter Scale, kindly pass this information on to others that may be interested. I hope to hear from you soon.

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